Artists have been making electronic musical instruments and interactive installations using sensors and computers for several decades now, yet there is still no book available that details the process, approaches and methods of mapping gestures captured by sensors to output media such as sound, light and visuals.

The book Just a Question of Mapping - Ins and outs of composing with realtime data (worktitle) aims to give an overview of the process of mapping and common techniques that can be used in this. These methods will be described in a way that gives an artist a guideline of when to use the method and how to implement the method in the environment they work in. Examples of implementations of these methods will be provided seperate from the book in a repository to which readers of the book can contribute.

The title of the book is: Composing Interactions - An Artist’s Guide to Building Expressive Interactive Systems and the publication date is June 1st, 2022. Presales have started!


  • Indexing, and start of presales!

    While on my trip to Aalborg and Copenhagen in Denmark, I have been working on indexing, indexing, and some more indexing - besides teaching and giving presentations.

    I’m very excited that this week the presales of the book are starting, and we will be getting the book to the printer. The official publication date is now set for June 1st.

    The final name of the book has also changed and is: Composing Interactions - An Artist’s Guide to Building Expressive Interactive Systems.

    And a preview of what the cover will look like:

    And the book now has a new website matching the new title:!

    The contents of this website are (or will be) ported over to that new site, and any updates will appear there.

    Finishing touches

    Over the past months, we have been working on the final edits, the layout, references, index, and forewords.

    I’m very happy to have two forewords from Chris Salter and from Sally Jane Norman!

    At the start of February the designers at STUKK design made a dummy version of the book:

    The date of going to print is getting closer and closer - due to paper shortages and our own planning, it is hard to say exactly when the publishing date will be, but it should be ready before Summer, and we will start presales soon!

    Editing, rewriting, making diagrams, and photos

    This is the summer of editing, rewriting and making diagrams. With the deadline getting closer for publishing the book, we are making a lot of progress on the work to get the last edits made for the book, creating diagrams, and I will soon send the text to the proofreader.

    As a preview, here is a remake of the image at the top of this homepage, by Superposition:

    I also had a photo session with the photographer Nina Karim van Oort making portraits many different sensors and buttons. Here we see an action photo of me aligning all the buttons for their group portait:

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