Artists have been making electronic musical instruments and interactive installations using sensors and computers for several decades now, yet there is still no book available that details the process, approaches and methods of mapping gestures captured by sensors to output media such as sound, light and visuals.

The book Just a Question of Mapping - Ins and outs of composing with realtime data aims to give an overview of the process of mapping and common techniques that can be used in this. These methods will be described in a way that gives an artist a guideline of when to use the method and how to implement the method in the environment they work in. Examples of implementations of these methods will be provided seperate from the book in a repository to which readers of the book can contribute.


  • Transcribing interviews

    After transcribing the interview with Andi Otto using MHWaveEdit and Kate, I realised I needed to improve the tools I use for this a little bit, to make it easier to pause, playback, and jump back and forth. So I found another software for playing back the files: Parlatype that provides the necessary playback utilities. But then I needed a way to control the interface in a way that would disrupt the typing as little as possible. So I looked for a way to use a MIDI controller, the Akai LPD8, to send the key presses. With xdotool I was able to send the keypresses and I ended up hooking it up to aseqdump with the script below, which I created with the help of this post. What happens in the script is:

  • Presentation at Processing Community Day

    On Saturday February 9, I will give a presentation aobut the project at the Processing Community Day Amsterdam between 17h and 18h.

  • Interviews for case studies

    This week I did three more interviews for case studies for the second part of the book: with Roosna & Flak, Frank Baldé from STEIM, and Jeff Carey.

  • Survey online

    To get feedback on the ongoing project, I have created a survey to gather input, feedback and interest. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to fill in the survey:

  • Writing retreat

    I’m in the middle of a week long retreat to spend dedicated time on the book.

  • Interview with Andi Otto

    On July 16th, I interviewed Andi Otto about his Fello.

  • Over 10000 words

    Slower than expected, but I am very happy that I can now announce that I have passed the threshold of 10,000 words in my first draft of part 1. As I am writing the outline is continuously changing: more topics to cover are added and I have been reordering some of the topics. Trains are particularly good places to write, I find, as I tend not to connect to internet and don’t have many other distractions while writing. Of course, I am encountering a number of topics where I feel I need to add references or look up additional sources to go deeper into the subject and this is what a next phase will be focused on.

  • Project launch

    Halfway October I got the news that the Creative Industry Fund NL would fund me to get started on writing a book on mapping. The idea for this book has been in the back of my mind for a long time now - as it came up regularly in discussions during my post-doctoral research at Concordia University and in collaborations on projects since then (e.g. the Emerge project with Concordia University, the Modality project with BEK and a group of SuperCollider programmers and musicians, and during the METABODY EU-project while I was at STEIM).

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