This website supports the book “Just a Question of Mapping - Ins and outs of composing with realtime data” which is currently being written by Marije Baalman.

the author

Marije Baalman has built new musical interfaces since 2002 and has been creating various projects involving realtime data in the contexts of music, dance and installations. In addition she has been developing the Sense/Stage wireless sensing platform since 2007, which is available through a webshop. She has held numerous workshops involving realtime sensing and mapping data from sensors to sound. Between 2011 and 2016 she worked at STEIM developing hardware, firmware and software for artists. She was also involved in the Modality project, a toolkit for SuperCollider to access HID, MIDI and OSC controllers, the SuperCollider port to the Bela, an embedded platform for creating musical interfaces. She has written several articles about her artistic practice and research over the past years and contributed to three chapters in ‘The SuperCollider Book’ published by MIT Press in 2011.

startup funding

In 2017 she obtained a grant from the Creative Industry Fund NL to:

  • start writing this book
  • find a strategy to publish the book in a way that will make the book accessible for artists and students and everyone else interested in the topic of the book and
  • look for a suitable crowdfunding strategy to help further fund the writing of the book.

This startup trajectory ran from October 2017 to December 2018.

further funding

I am currently formulating the follow-up trajectory, looking for partners in the project and preparing an application for funding.

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