If you are interested in supporting the realisation of this book, there are various way to do so:

Financial support:

  • give a regular donation via LiberaPay

  • give a donation via Ko-Fi (though I’m not a coffee drinker, I much prefer tea :) ).

  • write me an email in case you want to give me a larger donation via bank transfer

Other support:

  • spread the word about the book
  • pre-order a book or indicate your interest
  • fill in the survey
  • write me an email and share insights - I’m trying to keep a list of related resources

Why am I asking for financial support?

I am a freelance artist/researcher/developer, so I have no fixed and stable income. In the year 2020 I’m devoting my time to writing this book, as I feel it is important that such a book exists and writing needs time to focus. In short: working on this project will be my main income for this year to pay my bills and food.

But didn’t you get a grant?

I received a substantial grant from the Creative Industry Fund NL and am approaching additional private funds to raise the money to realise this book.

To realise the book and the research, quite a few people are involved: the designer duo SuperPosition (with whom I’m working on creating a graphical language and who will do the graphic design of the book itself), the artists whose work I am describing in the case studies, the artists participating in the work sessions that are hosted in the Netherlands, and then there are the costs for printing the book itself. So, even with the grant, I still need additional funding to cover all these costs (and pay all these wonderful people for their great work) and pay myself for my work on this project.