Mapping my mapping

The goal of the 3 day meeting is for artists to work on documentation for their own instrument, performance installation and/or another interactive project. This process is guided by Marije Baalman. Participants are invited to share their documentation and describe their process during the workshop. That way the participants can get feedback and have a dialogue about techniques that will access more in-depth insights of their work and that of others.

The work session has been developed in parallel with the book “Just a question of mapping - ins and outs of composing with realtime data”.

Target audience

The target audience for the workshop is experienced artists and designers who would like to reflect on their own practice and learn from other’s practices. Participants are asked to have a project that uses interactive technologies. For example:

  • an augmented acoustic instrument using sensors
  • a digital instrument controlled by MIDI, self-built interfaces and/or game controllers
  • an interactive installation that uses sensors and/or cameras for interaction with the public
  • an interactive dance setting where one or more dances wear or are tracked by sensors that control sound, light and/or visuals

Dan Gibson explaining his mapping in the work session at iii Dan Gibson explaining his mapping in the work session at iii


No work sessions are scheduled at the moment, but venues may contact me if they are interested in hosting such a work sesssion in 2022.

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