• Work session online

    The work session that was planned at V2_ is moved online. Some of the participants that had signed up for the NOTAM work session that was cancelled, are now also taking part in this session.

    I’m looking forward to get to know the different projects of the participants in detail!

  • Adapting the work session at V2_

    As the Corona crisis continues and public events and gatherings are banned in the Netherlands until June 1st, the work session at V2_ cannot take place physically on April 21, 22 and 23. The deadline for March 31st for participation is kept and after this deadline we will see how we can do the workshop - could be postponed until June, or be held online - that will be discussed with the applicants!

  • Corona canceled the further tour

    The Corona crisis affected my Norway tour. As I was traveling back to Oslo from Trondheim, the Norwegian government took more actions to prevent the Corona virus from spreading. As a result my workshop at NOTAM, presentation and residency at BEK and presentation at IAC had to be canceled, and I had to find my way back home as soon as possible.

    Thankfully I managed to get out before the complete lockdown of Norway and got safely back at home. The lecture at the Music Academy in Oslo I will give through online means.

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